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Fintech Global Consultants is of the world’s leading independent Fintech Consultants, with more than $1.1bn under advice from over 6,400 clients in 82 countries.

Fintech Global Consultants specialises in helping our clients in creating, growing and preserving their wealth. None of competitors have the global reach we do nor the high qualified team that keeps our client with the best opportunity and news on the market. We provide our client the highest of quality, and dependable fintech advice, this is what we become renowned for.

Fintech Global Consultants has grown and created a brand that based on giving clients the newest opportunity and the highest level of service.

Fintech Global Consultants specialise in helping client from purchasing crypto currency, investing, creating portfolio and ICO (initial coin offering).

Our clients have peace of mind that their portfolio is working hard for you, specialising in wealth creation and preservation.

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