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Etheremon is the latest crypto-craze, but be careful before you dive in

It was only a matter of time before someone tried to copy the success of CryptoKitties, a virtual collectibles game that was so popular it hogged the Ethereum network nearly entirely for itself in early December.  The new game is called Etheremon, and it allows you to purchase, with ether (Ethereum’s currency), virtual monsters which […]

Ethereum Analysis December 21, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum dips initially during the trading session on Wednesday, but bounce enough to reach towards the $830 level. I believe that we are going to continue to go higher, perhaps reaching towards the $875 level again. The buyers returning is a good sign as value hunting continues. Volatility will continue as volume drops ahead […]

How Ethereum’s Casper Protocol Will Address Problems With Proof Of Stake

Blockchain An overarching problem that cryptocurrencies must address is called the Byzantine General’s Problem. The Byzantine General’s Problem essentially simplifies down to: How do you prevent data from being corrupted or falsified in a network where there are nodes that have economic incentive to lie about the data? In application to cryptocurrency, the problem boils […]

ETH Prices Fall After Coinbase Adds BCH

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : December 20, 2017 Credit: If you woke this morning to flashing red on your trading screens, don’t be alarmed. Yes, there was a fall in crypto prices, but the retracement was due in large part to Bitcoin Cash (BCH). BCH was finally added to Coinbase, a leading […]

Will Ethereum (ETH) Crash in 2018?

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : December 20, 2017 Are Investors Leaving ETH? There is no question that Ethereum is the second-biggest and second-most famous cryptocurrency in the world. It is fast becoming a household name. And yet, despite its surge in popularity, some investors are still asking: Will Ethereum crash in 2018? […]

Nodechain, Inc. Focuses on Bitcoin and Ethereum Cryptocurrency Mining

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Dec. 20, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nodechain, Inc. (OTC Pink:VPTK), (“Company” or “Nodechain, Inc”), has filed an 8K in order to reflect a change in the company’s direction and overall strategy. Nodechain, Inc., formerly Vapetek, Inc., is a US-based company engaged in the blockchain sector and GPU cryptocurrency mining. The […]

Ethereum price and how to buy

DIGITAL currency Ethereum opened at £619.07 ($829.49) on December 20. The cryptocurrency – can be purchased from the Coinbase app where users can also buy Bitcoin. But what are CryptoKitties, the new game which has increased the value of Ethereum? Getty – Contributor The value of Bitcoin has reached a staggering $15,000 What are CryptoKitties? CryptoKitties, […]

Coin Poker to Offer Festive Ethereum Prize Tournaments

11:1820 Dec Coin Poker, the new cryptocurrency poker site which recently sold out its pre-ICO in record time, are offering a festive bonus – with four daily tournaments per day until New Year paying out prizes in Ethereum. Cryptocurrencies are making headlines all around the world due to the massive rise in value, and Coin […]

How to get hold of Bitcoin, is the digital currency safe and what are Ethereum and Iota?

BITCOIN continues to dominate headlines with its continued volatility – marked by surges and dramatic falls. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking of investing in Bitcoin or one of the other cryptocurrencies… Getty – Contributor Bitcoin is going from strength to strength – but how long can it last? How do I […]

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