Wallet Causes Controversy Among Cryptocurrency Users – The Merkle

The number of Bitcoin wallets available today is absolutely amazing. Every platform has its own wallet, or even multiple offerings to choose from. However, not all Bitcoin wallets are created equal or focus on Bitcoin itself. It is clear that the wallet is purposefully misleading novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin, and this app’s listing should be modified to reflect the truth.

Beware of the “Fake” Bitcoin Wallet

It is evident that novice cryptocurrency users are looking for new Bitcoin wallet solutions every single day. In most cases, mobile wallets are in especially high demand. Both Android and iOS have a few different options to choose from these days. Some of these apps allow users to control their private keys, whereas others do not. There are also some wallets with support for altcoins, making it somewhat difficult for novice users to make a proper choice.

One option that will need to be avoided is the…

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