Bitcoin Hits $14,000 Record High and Slams Down Critiques

The $1,000 milestone being added every day now was once just a dream to come true for Bitcoin’s price against the US Dollar.

Based on the data from CoinMarketCap, the average at which BTC is being traded is above $14,300 per time of the press marking down and setting foot on new territory.

From that – the #1 is ending the day with a 20% increasing in the last 24-hours and a market capitalization flying above $240 billion,and ordinarily, it would be sufficient to command headlines in both trade and mainstream financial publications alike.

bitcoin’s surge accomplished another significant feat: cryptocurrencies are now worth more than investment banking giant — and frequent bitcoin critic — JPMorgan Chase.

With its today surge of $40 million, the complete cryptocurrency market value is close to $400 billion being $30 billion more than JPMorgan [which now is at $367 billion].

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This triumph is particularly sweet for long-term bitcoin investors, who have…

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