Bitcoin is testing $9,000, but Litecoin is the one to watch – BGR

The crypto market is doing just fine this morning, as Bitcoin and all its peers are continuing their ascent to new heights. Bitcoin is testing the $9,000 resistance level, up 4% since yesterday. The top 10 coins by market cap are all on the rise compared to the other day, but the one coin you should keep your eyes on right now is Litecoin.

Unlike most other coins, which are trading 2% to 4% higher than yesterday, Litecoin is up by 21.52% as of this writing. That puts its price at around $188 per coin. So what’s happening?

It’s unclear why Litecoin is surging, but the imminent launch of the Litecoin Cash fork may be one good guess. Litecoin Cash, which may very well be a scam as it’s in no way affiliated with the original Litecoin project, will award Litecoin holders 10 Litecoin Cash coins for each original Litecoin token. You should be careful with your Litecoin possessions.

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