Bitcoin Prices Stabilize, Wall Street Poised For December Futures Influx

CME Group will launch its pioneering Bitcoin futures trading by mid-December, its CEO confirmed to the media Monday.

Speaking to CNBC as part of its Power Lunch segment, Terry Duffy hinted that the planned launch date was now “sometime in the second week” of next month.

The remarks appear to have taken the shakiness out of Bitcoin markets, which tumbled and rebounded over the past few days following significant challenges from rival chain Bitcoin Cash.

Bitcoin is currently trading above $6,500 as volatility recedes and futures trading is set to start within the next four weeks.

Having significantly crashed an rebounded as investment and miner support focused on Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin appears to have found its feet once more, still $1,200 below last week’s all-time highs.

CME’s original announcement at the end of October brought about a surge in BTC which many assumed had a continued effect into as late as last week. Since then, market manipulation theories have surfaced involving…

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