Bitcoin shock: Winter Olympics 2018 USA team seek cryptocurrency donations with new wallet | City & Business | Finance

The marketing director for the USA Luge Foundation has likened the investment of Bitcoin to the sport that sees one or two athletes on a toboggan that shoots down an icy track.

Gordy Sheer said: “You know, we hear a lot of jokes about lugers being crazy, and people don’t know why we do it.

“But luge is something that gets into your blood and transforms your life and the Bitcoiners we’ve met know exactly what it’s like to be all in on something that the world doesn’t appreciate yet.

“We’ve looked at Bitcoin hard, and it is definitely a risk-reward we understand and are eager to take.”

Former luge Olympian turned Wall Street investor, Ty Danco, was one of the first to invest into the wallet and declared that cryptocurrency is a “natural and good fit for the team”.

He explained: “It’s such a natural and good fit for the team. The luge team is not thinking short term, but long.

“By hodling Bitcoin with the express goal of holding on through the 2022 and 2026…

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