Blockchain Connect Conference 2018 Coming January 26 – Latest News | Ethereum

The Blockchain Connect Conference 2018 is set to happen on January 26 in San Francisco. The conference expects to gather around 1000 blockchain companies and experts worldwide. The developers would flock from all over the world and from countries like China, Singapore, and Japan. Sure enough, some of the latest technological advancements in the blockchain technology would be shared in the conference.

One of the main things which are expected to happen at the Blockchain Connect Conference this year is the amalgamation of thought between the US and Chinese developers. Both of these markets are pretty big for Bitcoin. Due to this very reason, they have a lot of products which are being built on the blockchain technology. The amalgamation of cooperation between both of these markets would bring the newer viewpoints as well which would help the blockchain industry altogether.

Currently, there are plenty of companies in Silicon Valley which are migrating over to the blockchain…

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