Blocklancer Blockchain Startup Starts Paying Salaries In Ethereum – Latest News | Ethereum

Blockchain startup by the name of Blocklancer has stated that it would pay part of the salary of its employees in the Ethereum cryptocurrency. The reason for this is that Ethereum would actually attract a lot of talent since people are attempting to convert the normal money into cryptocurrencies. If they are able to directly get the salary in cryptocurrencies, that would be a huge advantage for them and also it would prove to be beneficial for the company as it would be able to retain top-quality talent.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more mainstream. Many companies are also paying the salaries in Bitcoins. Also, as the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies increase, even more, you can be sure that they would be used in day-to-day transactions as well. When cryptocurrencies are used in day-to-day transactions, the value of cryptocurrencies would increase even more. The mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies is a thing which is widely expected by the…

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