Bullish Momentum Could Push Ethereum Price to $750 – The Merkle

Things are looking pretty good for all cryptocurrencies in general. Even though Bitcoin struggles to break the $20,000 resistance, all altcoins are slowly catching up again. In the case of the Ethereum price, we will most likely see a new all-time high in the next 24 hours. With the Ethereum price now holding its own above $735, surpassing the previous ATH of $744 shouldn’t be overly difficult.

Ethereum Price Shows Bullish Flashes

It is evident the cryptocurrency market is dictated and dominated by Bitcoin in every possible way. If the Bitcoin price crashes, all other currencies will suffer. Right now, the sideways trading momentum of Bitcoin is doing the Ethereum price an indirect favor. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap has noted a small gain in USD value and a rather strong gain against Bitcoin itself over the past 24 hours.

To be more specific, the Ethereum price has increased to $739, which represents a 2.82% gain in USD value. Not bad…

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