Can Ethereum Become the Next Four-Figure Cryptocurrency in 2018? – The Merkle

It is evident that most people are keeping a very close eye on the Bitcoin price right now. While that is a good thing, there are plenty of other currencies and tokens which will all succeed in their own way. Some sources even claim Ethereum may reach a value of US$4,000 in 2018. Such thinking may seem delusional, but stranger things have happened in the world of cryptocurrency.

Can Ethereum Really Blow up in 2018?

There are many reasons why the Ethereum price will either remain flat or go up significantly in 2018. Some of today’s most interesting projects make use of the Ethereum infrastructure. Unfortunately, any effort associated with raising money on this platform seemingly causes the network to slow down and even become unusable for several hours. ICO projects are still quite popular, yet the Ethereum blockchain has had problems handling all of these transactions.

The most recent example of a project clogging up the Ethereum chain came in the form of 

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