joining Tronix (TRX), EOS, and Qtum on Ethereum ERC-20 Blockchain

The third generation crypto economy is in full launch mode and it seems every day we are inundated with announcements. Each promises to change the world, move markets, and launch with new technology. Roadmaps are made into graphics and the ICOs launch with many promises. is taking what seems to be a unique, more old-school approach to the new ICO fundraising market. is using the Etehreum blockchain technology to launch an ERC-20 token call CanYa Coins (CAN) to fund the expansion of an existing successful project. The dev team is made up of several former Australian Air Force pilots and crypto experts with a sprinkling of marketing and job market types working on a project in which they invested their own money to launch. In this respect seems unique to be launching an ICO not to promise a product, future success and grand dreams of profit but rather to expand a product already proven to work.

EOS is another ERC-20 token who…

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