Cat Fight? Ethereum Users Clash Over CryptoKitties Congestion

Ethereum users are calling for a solution to the protocol’s CryptoKitties invasion.

As profiled by CoinDesk, the cat-trading game had grown so popular earlier this week that it was clogging the ethereum network, slowing down transaction times. Now, however, congestion is reaching unprecedented levels, with a record-breaking 30,000 transactions stuck and waiting to be processed at press time.

“Can we please increase the gas limit?” pleaded one user on a Reddit thread, itself a chorus of agreement on the issue.

“Is the blockchain completely frozen?” asked another user.

Indeed, despite facilitating nearly $7 million-worth of ether trades and winning new users to the platform, the game is attracting a level of vitriol: “Fuck cats. When will they solve this problem? I have been waiting for 20 hours now,” said another user on ethereum’s Gitter channel.

That’s not to stay that developers can’t make changes to ethereum to relieve the issue, and so far, the most likely solution is…

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