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Saxo Bank Offers Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes

Finance A Denmark-based multi-asset and trading institution, Saxo Bank, recently stated they are allowing clients to gain exposure to bitcoin. The bank just added exchange-traded notes for bitcoin.  Also read: Crypto Media Group Strategy: Recruit Celebrities to Promote ICOs Saxo bank mentioned that fascination with bitcoin has dramatically increased in 2017. This is primarily […]

Bitcoin Short: ETF Firm Rex Eyes Downside Potential With Fund Filing

A new bitcoin investment fund launched last week in the US is part of a wider strategy that includes a planned effort to offer institutional investors a way to short the market. Last week, CoinDesk reported that REX ETF, an investment firm based in Connecticut, had launched a fund that plans to invest primarily in bitcoin futures […]

Why Motherboard Is Capitalizing ‘Bitcoin’ Again

This is a post about capitalization standards, but it’s also about how we decide to normalize technology and when. If you’ve been following Motherboard’s cryptocurrency coverage over the years, you may have noticed some changes. Back in 2011 and 2012, we would alternately capitalize Bitcoin or write it all in lowercase, depending on the whim […]

Is Bitcoin the New Gold?

Gold has always been considered a safe haven asset. Now Bitcoin is appearing to exhibit gold-like properties. Will Bitcoin replace gold as the new safe haven asset? Anti Danilevski, CEO of KICKICO, a Russian blockchain platform for initial coin offerings, explains that during financial difficulties, Bitcoin has already been performing in analogous ways to gold — representing […]

It Looks Like New Bitcoin Millionaires Are Avoiding the IRS

As Bitcoin continues its humongous run, soaring to new highs again this month, more and more investors are flocking to the cryptocurrency. Get-rich-quick artists and even mainstream investors are riveted by Bitcoin’s 353% year-to-date return and the countless stories of early investors strutting around as newly-minted millionaires. But despite the colossal gains and surge in […]

Bank of Mexico Governor: Bitcoin More Commodity Than Currency

The highest-ranking official at Banco de Mexico has stated he believes the central bank is unlikely to classify bitcoin as a currency. According to an article from local news source El Economista, the bank’s governor, Agustín Carstens, said that, since bitcoin is not backed by a government or central bank, the cryptocurrency doesn’t meet existing definitions of a currency.  Rather, […]

Venezuelan Bitcoin Miners Turning to Ethereum After Government Crackdown

An increasing number of Venezuelans are shifting to mining digital currencies like Bitcoin so that they can afford to buy their basic needs and survive due to the current hyperinflation being experienced in Venezuela as of late August 2017. Another reason for the shift is the affordability of mining due to the low cost of […]

Bitcoin Exchange OKCoin Refutes Reckless Investment Claims of Users’ Idle Funds

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on for just $39 per month. Chinese ‘big three’ bitcoin exchange OKCoin has dismissed claims of using idle users’ funds to invest in risky financial products. As reported earlier, Chinese state news wire Xinhua published a report that claimed OKCoin and Huobi, two of China’s so-called ‘big three’ […]

Third in a Month: SEC Moves to Halt OTC Trading for Bitcoin Firm

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has ordered a temporary freeze on trading for a publicly listed bitcoin exchange company. On August 24, officials for the securities markets regulator announced a trading suspension for American Security Resources Corp. (ARSC), effective until 11:59 am ET on September 8, 2017. The company – which has changed hands several times, […]

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