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Lightning Only? Scaling Bitcoin Might Require A Whole ‘Nother Layer

Researchers are putting new effort into developing bitcoin’s Lightning Network. With the Segwit2x hard fork – which looked to increase the bitcoin block size parameter to 2MB – suspended, ETH Zurich researchers Conrad Burchert and Roger Wattenhofer and Blockstream engineer Christian Decker have proposed a more scalable version of the payments channel scheme, believed by […]

Confidential Transactions Could Add Anonymity to Bitcoin and Litecoin

Privacy Privacy coins have rocketed this year, fueled by the increasing ease with which bitcoin transactions can be de-anonymized and traced to real world identities. Zcash, which was a $10 coin in January, peaked at $376 in June, while monero started the year at $12 before reaching $136 in August. Now, testing […]

Bitcoin Not Currency, Never Will Be: Expert Blog

Expert Blog is Cointelegraph’s new series of articles by crypto industry leaders. It covers everything from Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to ICO regulation and investment analysis. If you want to become our guest author and get published on Cointelegraph, please send us an email at It would appear that 2017 could be fairly called […]

Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan: “Bitcoin is What Used to be Called Fiat Money”

Economics Just recently the notorious former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan gave his opinion concerning the rise of bitcoin in 2017. The 91-year old Greenspan explains that he believes the decentralized currency is very much like the world’s unbacked fiat currencies. Also read: Are 2017’s Network Attacks ”Real” or Are Bitcoiners Growing Paranoid? […]

Bitcoin’s Split Personality Problem May Pop the Bubble

Bitcoin’s breakups could come back to bite the digital currency. They may already be nibbling. The biggest problem is bitcoin’s theoretical 21 million limit. By my math, 20.3 million bitcoins are already in existence. What’s more, the maximum limit by my count is now 25.5 million and climbing. That’s an enormous issue for a currency […]

India’s Supreme Court Calls on Government to Regulate Bitcoin

The Indian Supreme Court has asked the government to respond to calls to regulate bitcoin. Three justices issued a notice to the central bank, the market regulator, the tax department, and several other agencies, asking them to answer a petition on the matter, the Hindu, an Indian newspaper, reported Tuesday. The original petition to the court […]

Morgan Stanley CEO James Gorman on cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin is getting more attention than it deserves, but the phenomenon is not going away overnight, according to Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO James Gorman. Speaking with CNBC on Thursday, Gorman said bitcoin isn’t even close to a safe investment, and would-be cryptocurrency owners shouldn’t expect otherwise. “Something that goes up 700 percent in a […]

Massive Hedge Fund Likely to Begin Trading Bitcoin

Reuters reports that Man Group, a UK-based hedge fund, will be getting involved in Bitcoin trading if CME Group’s plans to open a regulated futures exchange are approved. According to Business Insider, Man Group is “one of the largest hedge funds in the world” and the fund’s website points out that they manage $103.5 bln […]

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