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Coinbase Announce Cryptocurrency Custodianship as Institutional Money Floods In

Markets and Prices It’s hard to keep pace with the spate of stories surrounding institutional support for bitcoin right now. From futures contracts to bitcoin trading desks, big money is pouring into cryptocurrency. Coinbase have thrust their weight behind the growing movement, announcing a digital custody custodianship for institutions amidst a slew […]

You can now mine cryptocurrency to pay for people’s bail – VICE News

With bitcoin surging past $8,000 Friday, the cryptocurrency gold rush is on. But one charity is trying to use interest in cryptocurrencies for a higher calling: pay bail for people who can’t afford it. Bail Bloc is a project that aims to utilize spare computing capacity to mine the cryptocurrency monero, which will, over time, […]

YouTube creators can now earn cryptocurrency from watchers using the Brave browser

As traditional banner advertising becomes less reliable, creators are looking for alternative ways to monetize their content. The YouTube community specifically has been fighting related battles lately, with YouTube algorithms demonetizing many videos for unjustified reasons in many cases. That’s where the team behind the Brave browser hopes that its technology will one day come […]

ECB Council Member Nowotny Contemplates Cryptocurrency Regulatory Efforts

November 17, 2017 8:04 PM As bitcoin hovers around $8,000, central bankers have taken notice of the cryptocurrency markets. On Thursday, the governor of the Austrian Central Bank raised questions about the need for cryptocurrency regulation. On November 16, 2017, while speaking at a conference in Florence, Italy, Ewald Nowotny, governor of the Austrian Central […]

Meet ‘Bitcoin Clashic,’ a Weird and Totally Unexpected Cryptocurrency Rebellion

Images: Shutterstock. Composition: Jason Koebler Perhaps because a controversial network split in Bitcoin was cancelled by its organizers last week, the cryptocurrency space has been left thirsting for some drama. Thankfully (or not, depending on how you see it), an anonymous person or group has delivered with a completely unexpected rebellion they’ve dubbed “Bitcoin Clashic.” Yeah, like […]

China’s Central Television Warns of the Risks of Cryptocurrency OTC Trade

Regulation Ever felt curious how Chinese trade cryptocurrency exchanges are closed? Last Saturday November 11, China’s Central Television (CCTV-13) aired a program about bitcoin over the counter trading in the country. Also Read: China Monitors Booming OTC Bitcoin Market After Shutting Down Exchanges OTC Bitcoin Commercials Clustering Wechat Groups The program reveals that […]

Rivals to Bitcoin mushroom in battle for dominance in cryptocurrency arena

It’s getting tougher and tougher to keep track of all the different versions of bitcoin. New iterations of the cryptocurrency are multiplying as disagreements over bitcoin’s design persist and opportunities for making a quick buck prove hard to pass up. The biggest offshoot, called bitcoin cash, appeared in August after it split from the bitcoin […]

How Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Will Revolutionize the Music Industry

Hakim Draper, cofounder of Boogie Shack Music Group, believes that Blockchain holds the power to spark the greatest revolution in the music industry since Apple launched the iTunes Music Store in 2001 – which, despite many new opportunities for independent artists, has left the industry still largely controlled by major labels and platforms – and, of course, money.  Boogie Shack has teamed up with Tao Network, a […]

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