Digital Currency Dash Surges Past $1,000 Barrier to New High of $1,250

This past weekend, Dash became the first digital currency without the word “Bitcoin” in its name to breach the $1,000 barrier. Dash began the year at $11.26, while its price at press time has now reached $1206, a 107-fold increase in just less than a year. In fact, even Ethereum’s tremendous surge is less than Dash’s gains, with Ethereum having seen 99-fold growth in 2017.

Governance and budget

Governance has become a hot topic in the digital currency world following Bitcoin’s notorious blocksize debate. Dash allows owners of 1,000 DASH to create a special node called a masternode, and owners of masternodes receive a vote on the future direction of the currency. Masternode owners also get to vote on the allocation of Dash’s monthly budget.

Ten percent of each block reward is reserved to fund projects that are approved by the masternode network. Such projects can take many forms, so long as they advance the Dash ecosystem in some way. Dash can therefore afford to hire a…

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