Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Expands Reach With New Working Groups

After a very bullish year for the cryptocurrency, the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) announced the launch of working groups for digital identity, energy, and multiplatform interoperability solutions. These groups will work to deploy Ethereum in industries across the world.

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Three New Working Groups

Spanning nearly 300 member companies looking to utilize the blockchain, the EEA announced the launch of three new member-driven groups, bringing the total number of committees to seventeen.

With an end goal to have representation from business sectors from every region of the world, the EEA has now expanded its focus on blockchain solutions in digital identity, energy, and multiplatform interoperability.

Jeremy Miller, a founding EEA member had this to say on the groups working group expansion:

“EEA’s member-driven working groups focus on solving the real-world challenges of deploying and using Ethereum in the…

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