EOS (EOS): Ethereum’s Competition

EOS seems to be doing pretty well even though lots of big currencies out there are dizzily dropping. From being launched less than a year ago, this coin is said to be progressing pretty rapidly, already ranked the 9th coin on the global coin ranking list. This case poses the question: Is it possible for EOS to “take down” Ethereum in the following months?

What is EOS all about?

When talking about EOS, it is probably the easiest to compare it to Ethereum. This digital coin functions similarly to one of the biggest decentralized networks in the market, which is perhaps the reason why this coin is getting so much for its popularity.

Just like ETH, the main Ethereum’s currency has Ethereum as its parental platform, EOS has Block.one. Block.one is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology with the ability to host multiple different applications that can be easily uploaded by developers who are also EOS token holders. The platform enables fast transactions with…

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