Ethereum Co-Founder Lubin Says ICOs Aren’t Going Anywhere

Ethereum co-creator Joseph Lubin said there’s certainly “irrational exuberance” in the ongoing ICO craze. Yet Lubin was also optimistic, arguing ICOs are so promising that they are here to stay.

Lubin Notes Cons and Pros of ICO Mania

In a November 9 interview with CNBC, Ethereum’s co-founding developer Joseph Lubin mused on the status of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) marketplace as it stands today.

Lubin was fair, noting that there has been a great deal of cavalier speculation going on in the space, but he was also adamant in his position that such irrationality was the direct result of the exciting possibilities of the technology ICOs can bear:

“There’s certainly some irrational exuberance in the space, it’s such a profoundly powerful technology that people are excited about it and I think that that’s what’s driving this rush into the ecosystem.”

But Lubin was also clear that things would likely get worse before they get better.

The irrationality that…

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