Ethereum Loses to CryptoKitties, Network Remains Slow

CryptoKitties taking up to 20% of transaction volume.

Ethereum was once seen as the replacement of Bitcoin- but at these rates of network congestion, users are becoming skeptical. CryptoKitties is burning up to 20% of the ETH gas in two smart contracts, and while in the past ICOs have slowed down transactions, for the first time there is a long-term factor. 

Until now, EtherDelta was among the biggest gas guzzlers, showing that even one decentralized app with enough users is enough to seriously hamper the range of Ethereum. The news caused a withdrawal from ETH and into BTC, causing the value of ETH to slide down toward $430, around $100 from the recent peaks.

Meanwhile, miners are profiting from the second gas increase in two days. 

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