Ethereum Price Forecast – ETH to Get Futures Contract, Like Bitcoin

By Gaurav S. Iyer, IFC Published : November 17, 2017

Investors who missed out on the Bitcoin surge to $7,834.72 should pay close attention to today’s Ethereum news update. ETH is on the verge of getting its own derivatives market, which is precisely what sent Bitcoin flying to the moon last month.

I know that memories are short in the crypto space, but surely we all remember the dramatic run that Bitcoin experienced in recent weeks.

Remember, Bitcoin had just broken through the $5,000 level when CME Group Inc (NASDAQ:CME) announced that it would add a Bitcoin futures contract. Investors took one look at the news and lost their minds.

BTC prices exploded, bringing the currency right up to the edge of $8,000.

Is this ringing any bells?

I’m asking because Ethereum is on the verge of something similar—it is about to get a derivatives market of its own. Or at least that’s what Bloomberg is reporting.

If the news is accurate, then a legendary…

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