Ethereum Price Reaches $335 Again as Market Rebounds Strongly – The Merkle

It has been a relatively boring day for all cryptocurrencies so far. Although most coins are in the green again, there are no real changes worth paying much attention to. One thing people will appreciate is how the Ethereum price is slowly returning to the $350 level at this rate. Thanks to a solid 5.6% gain over the past 24 hours, the Ethereum price is on the brink of surpassing $335.

Positive Ethereum Price Momentum Results in Solid Gains

Although it will always remain difficult to predict how the price of individual cryptocurrencies will evolve over time, the Ethereum price is certainly heading in the right direction right now.  More specifically, there has been some solid momentum over the past few days, which has elevated the Ethereum price back to the $335 level. After a few days of hardship, it seems things are once again turning around for this popular altcoin.

More specifically, we have seen the Ethereum price drop below $300 not that long ago. Although it…

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