Ethereum’s Price Increases Once Again, Reaching New High — E-Money Chat

The daily trading volume of the cryptocurrency was $3.8 billion over the past three days. And an interesting evolution on this front is that the US market has accounted for most of the trades involving Ethereum. Until now, the global trading market of this cryptocurrency was dominated by South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges.

In fact, three of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea concentrated more than 35% of the Ethereum trades. However, it surely appears that things have evolved and now the US market is the one which processes most Ethereum trades. Around $800 million in daily trades were processed by Bitfinex and Coinbase’s platform GDAX.

Some analysts have claimed that the success of Ethereum could be explained by the strong interest in applications such as CryptoKitties and EtherDelta.

However, that is not all. The launch of bitcoin futures by two US exchanges has actually brought a lot of attention from investors to the cryptocurrency market.

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