From absolving your sins to brushing your teeth, there’s a cryptocurrency for that

Want to earn money for brushing your teeth, absolve your sins or buy marijuana? There’s a cryptocurrency for that. Here are five examples of projects that have used or proposed initial coin offerings to raise money.

Name: DopeCoin

Market cap: US$2.6 million.

Who’s behind it: “Adam, formerly known as Dopey,” according to the DopeCoin website: “A coffee drinker, a world traveller and a creator of cool things.”

What it is: One of many cryptocurrencies designed to help people discreetly purchase marijuana.

Name: TrumpCoin

Market cap: US$257,000

Who’s behind it: Chris Cowie, a Scottish music producer.

What it is: Calling itself “the world’s first cryptopac,” TrumpCoin promised to set aside and donate a portion of the cryptocurrency to now-U.S. President Donald Trump’s campaign once it grew in value. Like Trump’s popularity, however, the value of TrumpCoin has plummeted since peaking at US$3.4 million in January.

Name: LydianCoin

Market cap: Not yet launched.


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