Key trends in 2018: cryptocurrency, AR and personalised product pages

To say that the retail industry underwent a turbulent 2017 is an understatement. Many of the trends we saw  last year have set the tone for developments in 2018, with a change in direction required from all retailers to ensure they keep pace with the competition. Below are three predictions for the retail industry.

Cryptocurrency will emerge as a mainstream method of purchase

Cryptocurrency’s role in the retail industryis already more mainstream than you may realise with hundreds of retailers now accepting the cryptocurrency of choice – Bitcoin. Subway, KFC Canada, Microsoft online, and Rakuten are just some of the well known retailers accepting the new currency.

Mainstream retail acceptance of cryptocurrency is a question of when, not if. Of course, if the retailer is transacting enough, they could consider launching their own branded cryptocurrency. Amazon-Coin anyone? With a number of government-stated plans to roll out regulations and new legislation…

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