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Ethereum Analysis December 18, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum initially fell during the trading session on Friday, testing the vital $600 level. We have rallied significantly since then, so it looks as if this market is going to continue to be a “buy on the dips” situation. I believe that eventually we will go looking towards the $700 level, and that of […]

Ethereum Analysis December 15, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum fell later in the day on Thursday, reaching down towards the $670 level. I think that the market looks likely to try and find support near the $650 level, and if it cannot find it there, we will see support at the $600 level. Be patient, and add to a position very slowly. […]

Ethereum Analysis December 14, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum rallied significantly during the trading session on Wednesday, bouncing from the $600 level, and reaching towards the $700 level. At this point, waiting on pullbacks will be necessary to pick up value in a market that is starting to run away, albeit on low-volume over the last several hours.   ETH/BTC Ethereum has […]

Ethereum Analysis December 13, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum broke out over the last day, clearing the $500 level. It now looks to go parabolic and race towards the $600 level, which is the extension of a measured move from the previous rectangle. $600 should offer resistance, so look for a pullback at that point. $500 should be support going forward.   […]

Ethereum Analysis December 12, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum has been choppy over the last several days, as the weekend was noisy. Most of the interest around the world seems to be focused on Bitcoin and the reaction of the Chicago’s future markets, so Ethereum has creeped to the back burner. However, it looks as if we are making a serious run […]

Ethereum Analysis December 11, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum rallied rather significantly during the trading session on Friday, reaching as high as $450, but ran into significant resistance. As we consolidate between the $425 on the bottom, and $450 on the top of the short-term range, I suspect we are going to continue to see choppy conditions. I do however feel that […]

Why the Price of Ethereum has Risen Over 5,000 percent During 2017

What’s common between Golem, EOS, Qtum, OmniseGo, Augur, BAT, Iconomi and Gnosis? That they are all cryptocurrencies with market cap of at least $100 million while first three of the list have crossed the $1 billion threshold. That can be said for plenty of other coins, so what makes them different? They are all ERC20 […]

Ethereum Analysis December 8, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum fell during most of the trading session on Thursday, but found the $400 level to be supportive enough to cause a bounce. By looking at the chart, I see a cluster of trading activity near the $430 handle, so move above there has been bullish of Ethereum again, looking to reach towards the […]

Ethereum Analysis December 7, 2017

ETH/USD   Ethereum fell during the Wednesday session against the US dollar, but is starting to find support near the $435 level. Currently, I believe that there is even more support closer to the $430 level, but a move above the $450 level should signify that the market is ready to continue to go higher. […]

Ethereum Analysis December 5, 2017

ETH/USD Ethereum continues to look relatively flat against the US dollar, while at the same time Bitcoin has been rallying. Because of this, I think that we are essentially stuck in a range between $450 level on the bottom, and $500 on the top. However, on the hourly chart we are starting to see the […]

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