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5 Surprising Benefits of Cryptocurrency You Need to Know

The term blockchain, cryptocurrency, bitcoin, ethereum etc. have been quite in news lately. For those who have been living under a stone, these are the technologies of the future, which have gained the attention of numerous industries, as well as individuals. These new technologies aim at digitizing money and making all sorts of transactions safer. […]

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Creator Defends Possession of Child Porn, Claims it Can Have ‘Social Benefits’

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum, defended the possession of child porn and claimed it could have “social benefits.” In a series of tweets on Monday, Buterin argued that “doing heroin imposes risks on others,” while “simple possession of child porn does not,” and declared, “I don’t see legalizing *possession* of child porn as […]

Wrapping initiatives in blockchain and/or cryptocurrency fancy clothes benefits few

Blockchain and/or cryptocurrency mentions have become marketing tools, for all sorts of products and services. Many of these have little to do with either underlying technology or currency. Consider the following, lightly edited, announcement from Genesis Research and Technology Group (Genesis). Selected more or less at random and because what it announces sounds worthy,  blockchain […]

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