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Berkeley, CA, has an answer to the affordable housing crisis — cryptocurrency

Rising home prices and rents are creating an affordable housing crisis in America, and it’s been a rough few months for the effort to combat it. First, Congress passed a tax bill in December that neuters the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, with one study suggesting it could lead to 235,000 fewer affordable […]

The City of Berkeley, California Considers Doing Cryptocurrency ICO

Featured The famed hub of American 1960s radicalism and counterculture, Berkeley, California is at it again. Dormant for a few years, the US presidency of Donald Trump has awoken defiant spirits, as the city challenges administration policy over everything from immigration to taxation. One tool of resistance under consideration is an initial […]

Berkeley Hopes to Tackle Homelessness with Its Own Cryptocurrency

Adam James · February 9, 2018 · 11:30 am In an effort to stick it to the man and reduce its reliance on federal funding under the Trump administration, the city of Berkeley plans on issuing its own cryptocurrency. “Initial Community Offering” The city of Berkeley aims to become the first US city to have […]

The City of Berkeley taps cryptocurrency for affordable housing

The City of Berkeley is considering cryptocurrency as a way to raise funding for social projects in light of potential federal funding cuts and new tax laws. As reported by Business Insider, the Californian city is debating whether holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) could hold merit as a way to raise additional funds. ICOs […]

The city of Berkeley wants in on the cryptocurrency mania

The city of Berkeley, California is considering launching an initial coin offering (ICO) in a stated effort to reduce its dependence on federal funding. The ICO would raise funds by selling digital coins that would be backed by government municipal bonds, according to Business Insider, which spoke to a Berkeley city council member who described […]

Bitcoin Blockchain Analysis Could Fight Sex Trafficking: UC Berkeley PhD Research

Blockchain analysis has been used by a UC Berkeley PhD candidate to identify sex trafficking rings, through the linking of Bitcoin payments made for online adult advertisements. Could automation and Blockchain analysis help law enforcers crack down on human traffickers? Stylometry and Blockchain analysis Human traffickers often reach their customers through advertisements in sources like […]

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