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Cryptocurrency boom: A fading fad or real innovation?

This monthly feature takes an in-depth look at a topical issue in Japan. The ¥58 billion digital token heist at Tokyo-based exchange Coincheck last month reminded many of the infamous Mt. Gox fiasco in 2014 and renewed debate on a critical question: Is the cryptocurrency boom a fad or a prelude to real innovation? The […]

Bitcoin price to ‘double’ in 2018 cryptocurrency boom – Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin expected to surge

AFP PHOTO / JACK GUEZJACK GUEZ/AFP/Getty Images The price of Bitcoin will double within six months and regain the astonishing heights it reached before its value plunged in the recent ‘cryptopocalypse’. That’s the opinion of one analyst who claims to have spotted a pattern in the famously unpredictable behaviour of the Bitcoin market. Anyone who can […]

Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Ethereum and Ripple price to soar in cryptocurrency boom during 2018, experts predict

Could crypto-investors be about to cash in all over again? (Picture: (AP Photo/ Kin Cheung) The price of Bitcoin will shoot up by almost 3,000% during 2018, experts have predicted. A group of 13 experts have suggested Bitcoin will be the best performing of all cryptocurrencies this year and could shoot up to a value […]

Cryptocurrency’s boom means more money for criminals too

This is part of “Blockchain Decoded,” a series looking at the impact of blockchain, bitcoin and cryptocurrency on our lives. The Winklevoss twins aren’t the only ones getting rich off cryptocurrency. Criminals are raking it in too. See more from Blockchain Decoded. Thanks to the meteoric rise of bitcoin over the past year, you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency, or […]

Bitcoin boom: Cryptocurrency holds secret weapon in stock market battle | City & Business | Finance

GETTY Most older people see cryptocurrency as too volatile Most older people see cryptocurrency as too volatile and wild for their taste, but millennials prefer to put their money in the “anti-establishment” bitcoin. This has been attributed to disillusionment with the traditional stock market after the 2008 financial crisis which happened when many millennials only […]

Google: bitcoin boom has triggered spike in cryptocurrency phishing attacks

The bitcoin boom has birthed a rise in opportunistic phishing attacks targeting users looking to invest in cryptocurrency, one of Google’s senior security directors has warned. The internet giant has noticed increasing volumes of cryptocurrency-related ‘whaling attacks’, a specific form of online fraud aimed at internet users likely to offer the “greatest return on investment,” […]

Bitcoin news: Japan’s SECRET billion dollar plan for cryptocurrency price BOOM | City & Business | Finance

Last month Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck announced it would have to pay back more than £300m to customers after their system was hacked, affecting 260,000 customers. The attack, described as the biggest digital currency theft in history, was the most high profile case in several hacks to affect Japanese cryptocurrency firms. However, unlike their neighbours […]

Bitcoin boom is a ‘gold rush’ for cybercriminals

The new “gold rush” in cryptocurrencies is being exploited by professional cybercriminals who are making large amounts of money on the back of them, according to a new report. Digital Shadows, a threat intelligence company, has reported that there are more than 1,440 cryptocurrencies in circulation, with new alternative coins emerging every week. Highlighting a […]

Cryptocurrency pioneer reveals how a simple Google search can predict next bitcoin boom | City & Business | Finance

Nick Colas, co-founder of DataTrek Research, has published groundbreaking research on how Google Trends on how cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ripple mirror price rises and falls. Speaking to CNBC, Mr Colas said that the number of Google searches on ‘bitcoin’ mimicked the price trend of the cryptocurrency. He told the business network: “Bitcoin – because […]

Bitcoin fraud triples as criminals target cryptocurrency boom

The rising price of Bitcoin has been met with a surge in cryptocurrency crime as reports of Bitcoin-related fraud tripled in 2017. Action Fraud, the UK’s national fraud and cybercrime reporting agency, said crimes linked to Bitcoin increased to 999 in 2017, compared to 320 in the previous year. It came in a year in […]

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