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Cat Fight? Ethereum Users Clash Over CryptoKitties Congestion

Ethereum users are calling for a solution to the protocol’s CryptoKitties invasion. As profiled by CoinDesk, the cat-trading game had grown so popular earlier this week that it was clogging the ethereum network, slowing down transaction times. Now, however, congestion is reaching unprecedented levels, with a record-breaking 30,000 transactions stuck and waiting to be processed at press […]

How one digital cat was flipped for $60,000 over four days — Quartz

Keynes was onto something when he wrote about the “animal spirits” that animate the economy. The CryptoKitties game, which lets players trade digital kittens on the ethereum blockchain, continues to dominate traffic on the cryptocurrency’s network. Over 6,000 players are buying, selling, and breeding the blockchain-based felines—and a few of them are making tons of […]

Viral Cat Game Responsible for Huge Portion of Ethereum Transactions

Cute, cuddly kittens are taking over the Ethereum network, and are presently responsible for 4% of the transactions taking place on the so-called “world computer.” That’s right, the smart contract platform that could potentially disrupt multiple industries is now playing host to a viral cat game. The game, CryptoKitties, launched just a few days ago […]

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