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Global Challenges and Opportunities of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

In 2013, a cryptocurrency enthusiast drove off the lot of a luxury car dealership in Costa Mesa, CA in a Tesla Model S paid for in bitcoin—just under 92 bitcoins, to be precise, worth over $100,000 at the time. Compare that to the first-ever known purchase of goods for bitcoin, a pizza delivery that cost […]

SmartBillions Challenges Hackers with 1,500 Ether Reward, Gets Hacked and Pulls Most of It Out

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. SmartBillions, a so-called fully decentralized and transparent lottery system, managed by an Ethereum smart contract, recently challenged hackers to get through its smart contract’s security, and added a 1,500 Ether ($450,000) reward to be collected by anyone that managed to compromise it. […]

PayPie Challenges Experian, Equifax and TransUnion Status Quo with the World’s First Ethereum Blockchain-Based Credit Risk Assessment

ADVERTISEMENTS Ethereum Blockchain-based business accounting platform, PayPie, is enabling trust and transparency with a unique “Credit Risk Assessment Score” for millions of businesses worldwide. This means that Paypie offers a faster, safer, and cheaper lending alternative to the current legacy systems employed by most of the banks, lenders and invoice factoring companies. PayPie is early […]

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