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Kik CEO Drops Ethereum for Stellar, Claims Poor Scalability

Ted Livingston, CEO of the Canadian messaging application Kik has opted to step away from Ethereum for company’s ICO token, and partner with Stellar instead. This move comes after a successful ICO which generated close to $100 million spanning across 117 countries. Although Ethereum is widely used for initial coin offerings, making it the most […]

Cryptocurrency Startup Claims Hackers Stole $30.95 Million

In an official statement posted on its website yesterday, Tether, a startup that offers 1-to-1 dollar-backed digital tokens [USDT], said a hacker stole funds worth $30,950,010. Tether claims the hack took place on Sunday, November 19, and the hacker removed funds from the main Tether Treasury wallet and moved it to the 16tg2RJuEPtZooy18Wxn2me2RhUdC94N7r address. “As […]

Tether Claims $30 Million in Stable Token Stolen By Attacker

Tether, the company behind a dollar-pegged cryptocurrency widely used by in the market’s exchange trade, is claiming its systems have been hacked and that $30 million worth of its tokens have been stolen. In a post on the project’s website (which at press time is unavailable), Tether blamed a “malicious action by an external attacker” […]

Ethereum Cryptocurrency Creator Defends Possession of Child Porn, Claims it Can Have ‘Social Benefits’

Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of cryptocurrency Ethereum, defended the possession of child porn and claimed it could have “social benefits.” In a series of tweets on Monday, Buterin argued that “doing heroin imposes risks on others,” while “simple possession of child porn does not,” and declared, “I don’t see legalizing *possession* of child porn as […]

Bitcoin revolution: Crypto is the future, claims LatiumX founder | City & Business | Finance

GETTY Crypto revolution: Tokens such as bitcoin are paving the future for a new type of finances Crypto tokens such as bitcoin, dominated financial headlines in the past weeks, with steep spikes in value and growing mainstream appeal. Last Wednesday alone, bitcoin shot past £5,937.43 ($7,800), after kicking off the year at less than £761.21 […]

Venezuelan Debt and Bitcoin Claims

Sovereign bankruptcy. When a sovereign nation defaults on its debt, its creditors have two basic choices: Participate in the inevitable negotiations and accept restructured debt — probably with a substantial haircut — in exchange for their pre-default claims; or Hold out from the negotiations and engage in years of of time- and labor-intensive unpleasantness to try to […]

Parity’s $280m Ethereum wallet freeze was no accident: It was a HACK, claims angry upstart

Parity’s $280m Ethereum wallet freeze was no accident: It was a HACK, claims angry upstart  The Register ‘Plenty of Time’: Parity Rep Says Startup Won’t Push for Emergency Fork  CoinDesk $150 Million+ in Ethereum Accidentally “Frozen”, May Need Hard Fork  Investopedia (blog) Full coverage Article Source

Graphene Block Propagation Technology Claims to be 10X More Efficient

Technology This week at the Scaling Bitcoin Conference 2017, at Stanford University in California, bitcoin proponents heard about a new block propagation technology that claims to be 10X more efficient than compact blocks. The protocol called “Graphene” is a new method of reducing bandwidth to propagate blocks to full nodes by utilizing […]

Craig Wright Claims Ethereum’s Mutable Blockchain is Perfect for the CryptoRuble Project

Craig Wright is desperately trying to remain relevant these days. His latest comment on Twitter creates a lot of bad blood, to say the least. At the same time, there may very well be a hidden truth in the message. No one can deny Ethereum isn’t an immutable blockchain any longer. They lost that claim […]

Altcoin Exchange Claims to Have Performed an Ethereum-Bitcoin Atomic Swap – The Merkle

Atomic swaps have become pretty popular over the past few weeks. The Litecoin and Decred developers made major progress in this regard, and it seems Altcoin Exchange is on the right track as well. According to the latter’s Twitter account, an atomic swap between Ethereum and Bitcoin has been completed successfully. That is a pretty interesting […]

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