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Bitcoin.com Wallet Causes Controversy Among Cryptocurrency Users – The Merkle

The number of Bitcoin wallets available today is absolutely amazing. Every platform has its own wallet, or even multiple offerings to choose from. However, not all Bitcoin wallets are created equal or focus on Bitcoin itself. It is clear that the Bitcoin.com wallet is purposefully misleading novice cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Bitcoin Cash is not Bitcoin, and this app’s listing should be […]

Cryptocurrency Dominates Amidst Controversy | PYMNTS.com

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email Countries are monitoring cryptocurrencies as a means of cutting down on money laundering incidents. Think the furor over cryptocurrencies will abate? Think again. In the wake of the continued controversy over markets through which initial coin offerings (ICOs) are traded, and after news earlier this month that China […]

Controversy and Confusion: The Troubles of Covering Bitcoin

While Bitcoin has been a mainstay in smaller internet circles for several years, its continued growth has forced banks and countries to reevaluate the changing role of currency around the world. Bitcoin is known as a cryptocurrency, meaning, “A digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography…[its is] difficult to counterfeit because of this security feature…it […]

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