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Salon is using adblocking readers’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency

It seems popular online magazine Salon is the latest company to hop onto the cryptocurrency mining bandwagon. The publication has updated its website to require users to disable their ad-blockers for the right to read articles – or alternatively, lend their CPU power to mine cryptocurrency. Visitors are now prompted to either turn off ad-blockers altogether […]

Best mining CPU 2018: the best processors for mining cryptocurrency

If you’re looking for the best processors for cryptocurrency mining in 2018, then you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve listed the very best CPUs for mining a range of cryptocurrencies. While many people think that graphics cards are the most important component when it comes to mining, getting the right CPU for your […]

Malicious YouTube ads have been using your CPU power to mine cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic of late, largely due to the crazy price inflation Bitcoin has seen over the last few months. As more eyes hit the cryptocurrency space, so have more opportunists wanting a slice of the pie. And now, thanks to those folks, it’s been revealed that malicious YouTube ads were being […]

A surge of sites and apps are exhausting your CPU to mine cryptocurrency

Enlarge / A cryptocurrency mining farm. The Internet is awash with covert crypto currency miners that bog down computers and even smartphones with computationally intensive math problems called by hacked or ethically questionable sites. The latest examples came on Monday with the revelation from antivirus provider Trend Micro that at least two Android apps with […]

CBS’s Showtime caught secretly stealing visitors’ CPU power to mine cryptocurrency

It turns out torrenting platforms are not the only ones toying with alternative methods to convert traffic to cash. A week after The Pirate Bay admitted to secretly running a cryptominer to borrow visitors’ CPU resources to bank on Monero coins, television giant CBS was caught doing the same with Showtime. In fact, the popular […]

Block websites from using your CPU to mine Cryptocurrency

Last weekend, The Pirate Bay, a popular torrenting site drew sharp criticism from users as it admitted to hiding details about testing a new service that intentionally used visitors’ CPU power to generate Cryptocurrency profits for itself. Coin Hive, the service used by Pirate Bay allowed it to mine the cryptocurrency called Monero without the […]

How to stop sites from ‘borrowing’ your CPU to mine cryptocurrency

Over the weekend, torrent portal The Pirate Bay was caught running a cryptocurrency miner on its website, queitly hijacking visitors’ computing resources to stack Monero coins, TorrentFreak reported. The Pirate Bay has since confessed its sins on its official blog, claiming the JavaScript mining implementation was “only a test” as part of their efforts to […]

The Pirate Bay hijacked users’ CPU power to secretly mine cryptocurrency Monero

For once, the MPAA and RIAA might have been tickled by the famous piracy site The Pirate Bay after TPB ticked off some pirates by hijacking their CPU cycles to secretly mine cryptocurrency. Apparently ads to generate revenue and bitcoin donations weren’t cutting it, so The Pirate Bay decided to run a test without any […]

The Pirate Bay Uses Your CPU Power To Mine Cryptocurrency

Many top torrent websites add an option to donate them via bitcoins. They also provide .onion address to help you access them via dark web. In a first, The Pirate Bay torrent has been found to be using a cryptocurrency miner. It was found that the JavaScript code in the website uses your processor to […]

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