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How to get hold of Bitcoin, is the digital currency safe and what are Ethereum and Iota?

BITCOIN continues to dominate headlines with its continued volatility – marked by surges and dramatic falls. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re thinking of investing in Bitcoin or one of the other cryptocurrencies… Getty – Contributor Bitcoin is going from strength to strength – but how long can it last? How do I […]

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance forms new digital ID, energy, and multiplatform working groups

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), the world’s largest open-source blockchain initiative, launched today three new member-driven working groups in digital identity, energy, and multiplatform interoperability. This brings the total number of EEA industry-led working groups and committees to 17. Each working group is tasked with creating and delivering specific advancements to the development and use […]

CryptoKitties, a game about digital cats, is bringing cryptocurrencies to the mainstream

File photo: A man walks past an electric board showing exchange rates of various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (top L) at a cryptocurrencies exchange in Seoul, South Korea December 13, 2017. (REUTERS/Kim Hong-Ji) A flood of demand in buying and selling digital cats brought the  cryptocurrency Ethereum to a crawl last week after unexpected demand clogged […]

Digital Currency Dash Surges Past $1,000 Barrier to New High of $1,250

This past weekend, Dash became the first digital currency without the word “Bitcoin” in its name to breach the $1,000 barrier. Dash began the year at $11.26, while its price at press time has now reached $1206, a 107-fold increase in just less than a year. In fact, even Ethereum’s tremendous surge is less than […]

Bitcoin’s digital rival ethereum proves its worth with record high | Business

Bitcoin was trading at £17,482.42 last nightDAN KITWOOD/GETTY Ethereum gave its bigger rival bitcoin a run for its money yesterday as the second most popular cryptocurrency rose by 31.5 per cent in value to set a record of $623.07. The value of bitcoin dipped yesterday from the highs of Monday as investors took a breather […]

How one digital cat was flipped for $60,000 over four days — Quartz

Keynes was onto something when he wrote about the “animal spirits” that animate the economy. The CryptoKitties game, which lets players trade digital kittens on the ethereum blockchain, continues to dominate traffic on the cryptocurrency’s network. Over 6,000 players are buying, selling, and breeding the blockchain-based felines—and a few of them are making tons of […]

Loveable Digital Kittens Are Clogging Ethereum’s Blockchain

Can a crypto app be too easy and fun? That might be the case on ethereum, where one project is proving so popular it’s putting pressure on the network’s technology. Best thought of as a decentralized Tamagotchi, CryptoKitties appears to be striking a nerve with new users, making ethereum fun and accessible to those who aren’t in […]

11% of Traffic on the Ethereum Blockchain Is Being Used to Breed Digital Cats

In October, I tried my hand at an early version of CryptoKitties, a game in which players breed digital cats on the Ethereum blockchain by executing smart contracts. At the time, it seemed would be a fun (and short-lived) way to introduce newbies to the way smart contracts work on the Ethereum network. But when […]

CryptoKitties lets you buy, sell, and breed virtual cats — all for real digital currency

If you’re tired of trading tokens and mining for digital currency, CryptoKitties is a new “game” on the Ethereum blockchain that lets you purchase and collect virtual cats, and then breed them with each other to try to create valuable new creatures with rare attributes, or “catributes,” in the game’s parlance. Blockchain systems are based […]

Zug Citizens Begin Digital ID Registration on an Ethereum Blockchain

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Uport, a self-sovereign identity and user-centric data platform on the Ethereum blockchain, has made its platform available to the citizens of Zug, Switzerland. The first official Zug identification registered on the Ethereum blockchain before a live audience, Uport recently announced in a […]

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