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The cryptocurrency craze – are digital coins on verge of going mainstream?

Legendary investor Warren Buffett once described it as a “mirage” to be avoided by any sensible investor. JP Morgan Chase chief executive Jamie Dimon has famously described it as a “fraud” and last month warned that if “you’re stupid enough to buy it, you’ll pay the price for it one day.” Another global bank boss, […]

Bitcoin jumps more than 9% after news Square is testing the digital currency

Bitcoin has again recovered quickly from a sharp drop. The digital currency briefly surged more than 9 percent Wednesday to a high of $7,251.81, according to CoinDesk. That’s within 10 percent of its record high of $7,879.06 hit last Wednesday. Bitcoin had fallen 30 percent below that record over the weekend amid controversy over the […]

Biggest Hack In History Freezes $156M In Digital Currency Funds

In what may be the biggest hack in digital currency’s short history, an ethereum-based company has suffered an attack that resulted in more than $156 million in digital currency being frozen and inaccessible. That throws many technology companies – including some with entertainment projects – into limbo, unable to access funds raised for development and operations […]

How Bitcoin and other digital currencies gained popularity as a way to drive efficiency in the payments process.

Found on both IOS and Android, Bitcoin is used in apps ranging from wallets to apps that can help convert bitcoin to physical currency. There are also an increasing number of games that use Bitcoin as a reward to users completing engagements within their apps. Bitcoin can be used as a proxy to Bitcoin debit […]

Bitcoin briefly drops 15% amid debate over digital currency’s future

High volatility isn’t going away for bitcoin, raising questions about whether the digital currency can be a sustainable investment asset. Late Saturday, the crypto-currency plunged 15 percent from nearly $6,500 to a low of $5,507, before intermittently shooting back up to near $6,400, according to CoinDesk. Bitcoin last traded near $6,060, down about 4 percent […]

Corbat Sees Governments Issuing Digital Currencies After Bitcoin

What if the feds got in on the cryptocurrency craze? There’s now one Wall Street chief executive officer who says bitcoin presents a real enough threat to the financial system that governments will have no choice but to issue versions of their own. “I don’t think governments are going to take lightly other people coming […]

Uruguay to Launch Digital Currency, “Not Bitcoin” it Stresses

Altcoins Uruguay’s Central Bank (BCU) formally presented rollout of its pioneering digitization of the Uruguayan peso on 3 November 2017. Set now as a pilot program, the bank’s head was careful to remind it “is not a cryptocurrency such as bitcoins,” but “a currency that remains the responsibility of the BCU,” according to an Argentinian report.  Also read: Uruguay Urged to […]

First Digital Art Marketplace on Blockchain to Launch on Halloween

DADA, the first commercialized Ethereum blockchain-based digital art marketplace for artists and content creators, will launch on the day of Halloween to celebrate the holiday with a digital art collection called “Creeps & Weirdos.”, which will feature 100 Halloween-themed limited edition artworks. Public blockchain networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum utilize cryptographic keys and signatures to […]

Central bank digital currency, not cryptocurrency, is the future

Digital currencies issued by central banks will make transactions more efficient while cryptocurrencies serve as a vehicle for illicit activity, economist Barry Eichengreen told CNBC Monday. Asked whether he thought cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether would play a major role in the economy, he said: “Not really.” “I think there is a role for central […]

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