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Etheremon is the latest crypto-craze, but be careful before you dive in

It was only a matter of time before someone tried to copy the success of CryptoKitties, a virtual collectibles game that was so popular it hogged the Ethereum network nearly entirely for itself in early December.  The new game is called Etheremon, and it allows you to purchase, with ether (Ethereum’s currency), virtual monsters which […]

The price of bitcoin is back over $7,400 after its weekend dive

The price of Bitcoin has inched over $7,400 early on Thursday morning, soaring back over the $7,000 mark. The cryptocurrency surged past that value back in early November for the very first time, hitting an all-time high of $7,882. But over the past weekend it had plunged below $6,000. The decision last week to shelve […]

Data Dive: Ethereum, PayPal and The Fed

Share Tweet Share Share Share Print Email The news was full of surprises this week. In the undeniably fun and not-so-serious surprise column was animoji karaoke. We admit, the use case for pandas singing hip hop was something we didn’t quite expect, but are happy to see them, nonetheless. We also had a few surprises on the undeniably more […]

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