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CanYa.io joining Tronix (TRX), EOS, and Qtum on Ethereum ERC-20 Blockchain

The third generation crypto economy is in full launch mode and it seems every day we are inundated with announcements. Each promises to change the world, move markets, and launch with new technology. Roadmaps are made into graphics and the ICOs launch with many promises. CanYa.io is taking what seems to be a unique, more […]

eLTC Is Another Useless ERC20 Token Issued on the Ethereum Blockchain – The Merkle

We have seen a lot of new ERC20 tokens come to market over the past few months. Most of these tokens were created as a result of the growing number of cryptocurrency ICOs. In some cases, it appears tokens were created solely as a money grab. While people are still trying to wrap their heads around eBTC, it […]

ERC20 Token Standard Officially Formalized by Ethereum Developers – The Merkle

Most Ethereum and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have become familiar with ERC20 tokens. This token standard is used to create new forms of currency on the Ethereum blockchain. Now that Ethereum Improvement Proposal 20 has been formally adopted, the ERC20 token standard is officially instituted. This is a major development for the ecosystem as a whole, as the proposal […]

ERC20 Tether To Launch Next Week On The Ethereum Network

Image credit: Silver Ethereum coins by Wit Olszewski via Shutterstock.com Tether and Ethfinex are about to launch the Tether ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. Tether ERC20 will allow for tokenized USD to be exchanged on the Ethereum network, enabling interoperability with Ethereum-based protocols and decentralized apps (DApps) and allowing users to transact with conventional […]

Ethereum’s ERC-20 Token Standard Has Been Formalized

The standard that governs how new cryptographic tokens can be launched on top of the ethereum blockchain has been been finalized. Revealed today by the open-source project’s developer team, the ERC-20 standard establishes a common set of rules for tokens issued via ethereum smart contracts, and currently serves as the basis for the many tokens that have […]

0cean launching 0x-based Ethereum ERC20 token liquidity and relayer service

The 0cean, a recently announced startup is launching a new Øx-based relayer and liquidity pool for trading ERC20 tokens. The team is comprised of cryptocurrency investors and developers with notable stakes in a range of coins and funds, as well as equity stakes in some other crypto start-ups. The team members noted that through trading cryptocurrency […]

There Are Currently Over 5300 ERC-20 Tokens

Ethereum has made it possible for practically anyone to create their own token. By removing this barrier of entry, there has recently been a huge flood of new tokens to the market. At the time of this article, there are over 5300 ERC-20 tokens out there. This number is growing considerably every month. However, not […]

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