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$10 Million: Ethereum.com Domain Name Up for Sale

Fancy owning the domain name Ethereum.com? Better start counting the pennies. According to Bloomberg, the high-value domain has now been listed for sale on the Uniregistry marketplace for “around $10 million.” Commenting on the news, domain investor Ammar Kubba told the news source that cryptocurrency is the “biggest trend” in the domain industry, and that related […]

Buy Ethereum.com For $10 Million

In the world of SEO and Startup visibility, starting a successful business requires precise domain names. And when a company is allied with the cryptocurrency market, one would preferably decide to choose a domain that represents this alliance. The Pump of Crypto-Domain Names Nowadays, it is difficult for a new website to set a standard […]

Ethereum.com Domain Name Can Be Yours for About $10 Million

By November 14, 2017, 2:13 PM EST Want to jump on the cryptocurrency bandwagon but afraid it’s become too much of a bubble? Check out the internet site domain name market, where speculation may be just as rampant. Ethereum.com is listed for sale on a marketplace called Uniregistry Market for about $10 million. In October, […]

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