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UK Finance Regulator Warns Against Cryptocurrency Derivatives

One of the U.K.’s finance regulator has warned consumers about a particular kind of derivative contract based on cryptocurrencies. In a release on its website, the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) cautioned would-be investors in cryptocurrency contracts-for-differences, or CFDs. Under a CFD, the two parties involved agree to pay either side in the event that […]

Bitcoin revolution: Crypto is the future, claims LatiumX founder | City & Business | Finance

GETTY Crypto revolution: Tokens such as bitcoin are paving the future for a new type of finances Crypto tokens such as bitcoin, dominated financial headlines in the past weeks, with steep spikes in value and growing mainstream appeal. Last Wednesday alone, bitcoin shot past £5,937.43 ($7,800), after kicking off the year at less than £761.21 […]

Bitcoin price: Bitcoin down to $7,200 – Is it a good time to invest in bitcoin? | City & Business | Finance

After yesterday’s record-breaking rally, Bitcoin prices have dropped down to just below $7,250 as of 10.08am on Thursday November 9.  Today’s high is $7,471.88 down from yesterday’s record of more than $7,800, according to CoinDesk.  The rapid spike of around 11 per cent came off the back of the decision to pull the plug on […]

Bitcoin price LIVE: Bitcoin SOARS to near $8,000 after fork called off | City & Business | Finance

Bitcoin had been scheduled for an upgrade to the cryptocurrency’s software on Thursday November 16, which would have split the cryptocurrency.  After the plan was called off yesterday, the price of Bitcoin rose by 10 per cent and smashed through the $7,800 barrier.   A statement, signed by several high-profile bitcoinentrepreneurs and developers, that said the […]

Bitcoin price: Cryptocurrency plummets $1000 ahead of bitcoin gold split | City & Business | Finance

Bictoin prices fell by £761.21 ($1,000) in just over 48 hours after strong performance at the start of the week. The crypto token opened today at £5,440.19 ($7,146.78), according to CoinDesk, before peaking at £5,579.71 ($7,330.06). On Wednesday, the popular digital currency flared to an unprecedented price of more than £5,937.43 ($7,800) in the wake […]

Bitcoin Leads Digitalization of Global Monetary System, Finance Industry

Over the past decade, companies with almost no physical assets have turned out to be the most successful businesses in their respective industries. Bitcoin is leading the digitalization of the global monetary system and is en route to competing against existing fiat currencies and the finance industry. Uber, Airbnb and Amazon Amazon, the second largest […]

Trade Recommendation: Ethereum Classic | Hacked: Hacking Finance

The cryptocurrency segment continued expanding today, and the negative correlation between altcoins and Bitcoin broke down finally, as all of the major coins gained ground. As Bitcoin climbed back towards its all-time high above the $7500 price level, the total value of the coins hit $205 billion for the first time ever. // — Discuss […]

Bitcoin price: How much is a bitcoin worth? | City & Business | Finance

Bitcoin is down more than three per cent today (November 9), opening at £5,687.34 ($7,458.80), according to CoinDesk. The price of a single bitcoin at 3.18pm GMT was £5,491.74 ($7,202.28) per token. The drop comes off the back of the bitcoin community rejecting a controversial Segwit2x software upgrade, which would have increased the bitcoin block […]

Bitcoin trades in China soar despite government crackdown | City & Business | Finance

Figures from China’s internet finance body, the National Committee of Experts on Internet Financial Security, suggest the share of Chinese renminbi trading in Bitcoin has jumped from five per cent to 20 per cent over the past two months.    The Chinese government implemented a crackdown on Bitcoin – which has been used to move […]

Bitcoin $10,000 price: Is it achievable or will the bubble burst? | City & Business | Finance

The cryptocurrency saw an unprecedented spike on the markets after Chicago-based CME approved the token for its futures market last week. But the initial buzz has died down somewhat, leaving bitcoin to open today at £5305.64 ($6,958.21), according to CoinDesk. The surge from around £4,956 ($6,500) to £5718.75 ($7,500), gave traders hope that bitcoin was […]

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