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How Bitcoin and other digital currencies gained popularity as a way to drive efficiency in the payments process.

Found on both IOS and Android, Bitcoin is used in apps ranging from wallets to apps that can help convert bitcoin to physical currency. There are also an increasing number of games that use Bitcoin as a reward to users completing engagements within their apps. Bitcoin can be used as a proxy to Bitcoin debit […]

This Cryptocurrency Gained 695% on News of Visa Deal That Never Happened

To some investors, one of the surest signs of a bubble is when parties involved trade on hearsay and rumor rather than on grounded information. When Jesus Coin hit the market, its creators presented it as an over-the-top joke, a riff on what they saw as the ridiculousness of the cryptocurrency industry and the willingness […]

Cryptocurrency Gained 695% on Deal With Visa That Didn’t Happen

A form of digital money known as Monaco gained as much as 695 percent in value since May 17, when its issuing company tweeted that it would offer a Visa Inc.-branded payment card. Monaco didn’t have a deal with Visa. Later that month, Monaco put out a press release describing the benefits of its Visa-branded […]

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