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Gramatik Goes Public With His New Cryptocurrency ‘GRMTK’

While most people are probably familiar with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, and Ripple, Gramatik has announced his very own cryptocurrency, GRMTK. As Bitcoin breaks its highest value ever, Gramatik has made a historic move in becoming the first artist to have his intellectual property tokenized. Gramatik did a token launch (ICO) for the […]

Gramatik Celebrates Successful Cryptocurrency Launch, Becomes First Tokenized Artist

As an up-and-coming musician, it’s easy to feel like the man is holding you down. Labels wanna take a cut of your profits and claim ownership over your creations. All you really want is to be the master of destiny and connect with true fans. It’s a bummer, because labels offer a necessary thriving ecosystem in […]

Gramatik Drops ‘Re:Coil Part 1’ EP, Talks Cryptocurrency

In today’s post-streaming music landscape, merch is the name of the monetary game — but what if instead of branded sweatshirts and dad hats, you branded your own freakin’ money? Gramatik takes his game to the next level with his own cryptocurrency, GRMTK. He’s the first DJ/producer to do it, but he’s not alone in the […]

Ethereum-based SingularDTV allows DJ Gramatik to ‘tokenise himself’

SingularDTV, the blockchain entertainment studio, is in partnership with award-winning star DJ Gramatik, making him the first crypto artist to launch an entertainment economy powered by blockchain technology. The adventurous hip hop artist and Lowtemp Recordings producer, who mixes Talib Kweli’s raps with Balkan beats on his latest EP Re:Coil Part I, will tap into […]

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