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Ethereum just had a hard fork and ether prices are rising – here’s what happened and why

Early this morning, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation completed a so-called hard fork. Even if investors were paying attention to bitcoin back in August when it was rocked by its very own hard fork, questions are likely emerging about what all of this means for ethereum and its ether token. Will a new token […]

There was a bitcoin flash crash this morning: Here’s what happened

Bitcoin prices had a flash crash today following Russia’s decision to ban websites of exchanges that offer cryptocurrencies. According to CoinDesk’s popular price index, which aggregates prices from four exchanges, the digital currency fell more than $600 in just a few minutes. After plummeting to below $4,200, prices have since bounced back up to trade […]

This Cryptocurrency Gained 695% on News of Visa Deal That Never Happened

To some investors, one of the surest signs of a bubble is when parties involved trade on hearsay and rumor rather than on grounded information. When Jesus Coin hit the market, its creators presented it as an over-the-top joke, a riff on what they saw as the ridiculousness of the cryptocurrency industry and the willingness […]

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