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Hackers hijack Tesla’s cloud system to mine cryptocurrency: RedLock

Tesla’s cloud system was hijacked by hackers who used it to mine cryptocurrency, according to researchers. Hackers were able to infiltrate the automaker’s Kubernetes administration console because it was not password protected, cybersecurity firm RedLock said Tuesday. Kubernetes is a Google-designed system aimed at optimizing cloud applications. This left access credentials for Tesla’s Amazon Web […]

Hackers Hijack Millions of Smartphones to Mine Cryptocurrency

Hackers have been secretly hijacking millions of smartphones in order to mine the cryptocurrency monero, new research reveals. Analysts at security firm Malwarebytes first spotted the illicit cryptocurrency mining, known as cryptojacking, in late January but only published details of the campaign this week. The research explains how a phone’s processing power is being used […]

Criminals hijack government sites to mine cryptocurrency used to hide wealth

Criminals are using cryptocurrencies, which are not regulated by any state or banking authorities, to launder billions of pounds’ worth of illegal gains, according to Europol. By submitting your personal information, you agree that TechTarget and its partners may contact you regarding relevant content, products and special offers. You also agree that your personal information […]

Government websites fall prey to cryptocurrency mining hijack

The mining only took place for several hours on February 11th before Texthelp disabled the plugin to investigate. Government sites like the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office also took pages down in response. As with most of these injections, your system wasn’t facing a security risk — you would have just noticed your system bogging down […]

Hackers hijack Coinhive cryptocurrency miner through an old password

Coinhive has admitted to a security breach leading to hackers hijacking cryptocurrency mining scripts on legitimate websites. The cryptocurrency mining software provider said this week that at approximately 10 pm GMT on Monday, the firm received a note from its DNS provider, Cloudflare which warned Coinhive that its account had been accessed by a threat […]

How Hackers Hijack Your PC to Make Free Money

If you experienced a sudden drop of performance when visiting Politifact on Friday, it was most likely because the popular fact-checking website was fast busy taxing your computer’s resources to make money—and no, you’re not getting a cut. Hackers allegedly compromised the website and inflicted it with a cryptocurrency-mining script, a program that uses visitors’ […]

Hackers Hijack Another Ethereum ICO. Damages Unknown.

Hackers disrupted the Etherparty ICO (Initial Coin Offering) after they hijacked the platform’s website on Sunday and displayed their own Ethereum address, tricking some ICO participants into sending funds to the wrong wallets. To its credit, Etherparty detected the attack in 15 minutes and shut down its website to prevent users from sending funds to […]

Criminals hijack browsers to mine cryptocurrency

Cyber criminals supplementing their income by mining cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is nothing new. Usually this has been done by installing malware or PUPs on the machines of unsuspecting users. But now researchers at ESET have discovered a new method of mining cryptocurrencies, which can be done directly within your web browser, using JavaScript. This gives […]

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