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Berkeley, CA, has an answer to the affordable housing crisis — cryptocurrency

Rising home prices and rents are creating an affordable housing crisis in America, and it’s been a rough few months for the effort to combat it. First, Congress passed a tax bill in December that neuters the Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program, with one study suggesting it could lead to 235,000 fewer affordable […]

The City of Berkeley taps cryptocurrency for affordable housing

The City of Berkeley is considering cryptocurrency as a way to raise funding for social projects in light of potential federal funding cuts and new tax laws. As reported by Business Insider, the Californian city is debating whether holding an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) could hold merit as a way to raise additional funds. ICOs […]

Bitcoin is a bubble, says Nobel winning economist who predicted US housing crisis

Moneycontrol News Some fifteen years ago, Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Shiller had famously spotted the first housing bubble of the 21st century in the US. Shiller also went on to write a best-selling book Irrational Exuberance on market manias around the world. He has spoken again, and this time he has termed the frenzy […]

Here’s how bitcoin is dwarfing housing and dot-com bubbles

Who will blame the investor who’s ready to slam the door on August? As the month draws to an end, North Korea and the Texas floods have been the rattle in an empty can. Though investors have shown a tiny bit of resilience this week, if you can call a 0.1% gain a stiff-upper-lip reaction. […]

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