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Real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort says Bitcoin is a ‘mirror image’ of his infamous scam – and insists he would have made $50BILLION if it was around back then

THE real Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort has said Bitcoin is a “mirror image” of his infamous scam and insisted he would have made $50billion if it was around back in his day. The former stockbroker’s market manipulation and fraud crimes in the 1990s were the subject of the 2013 film starring Leonardo di […]

World Food Programme’s ethereum-based blockchain for Syrian refugees in Jordan — Quartz

Cancún, Mexico The United Nations agency in charge of food aid—often billed as the largest aid organization in the world—is betting that an ethereum-based blockchain technology could be the key to delivering aid efficiently to refugees while slashing the costs of doing so. The agency, known as the World Food Programme (WFP), is the rare […]

Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort says cryptocurrency offerings are ‘the biggest scam ever’

The American stockbroker immortalised in the film The Wolf of Wall Street has warned that the craze for initial coin offerings has become “the biggest scam ever”. Jordan Belfort said ICOs, a new fundraising method linked to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, are “far worse than anything I was ever doing”. Mr Belfort, who was played by Leonardo […]

‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Jordan Belfort: Jamie Dimon is Right About Bitcoin

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon’s position on bitcoin – that it’s a “fraud” – got support from an unlikely source today: Jordan Belfort, better known as the “Wolf of Wall Street.” Speaking with TheStreet, Belfort said that he believes Dimon is right about his assertion on the most highly valued cryptocurrency, telling the news outlet: “I […]

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