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Bloomberg Adds Ethereum, Litecoin, & Ripple to TerminalLegal Gambling and The Law

Bitcoin caught the attention of mainstream investors four years back, when it touched a high of $1090. Following an increase in traders and investors’ interests, Bloomberg terminal started quoting Bitcoin prices by sourcing from the itBit exchange. Now, a similar scenario is seen with other digital currencies. Following a steep rise in the price of […]

Law Firms Are Opening Bitcoin Wallets to Prepare for Data Breaches

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Rather than waiting until it’s too late, law firms are opening up bitcoin wallets to pay ransoms in case their data is stolen, according to a cybersecurity expert. John Sweeney, president of IT and cybersecurity advisors LogicForce, said that law firms are […]

Law firms opening Bitcoin wallets pre-emptively to pay ransoms to hackers

Thomson Reuters Law firms are preemptively opening Bitcoin wallets in order to pay ransoms to hackers when client data is stolen. Opening wallets is just one contingency plan firms can make, and should be a “last resort.” The news comes as offshore firm Appleby admitted client data had been stolen in a cyber breach, and […]

Ukraine Proposes Law to Completely Legalize Cryptocurrency Transactions

Regulation The first draft of a bill to legalize all cryptocurrency transactions in Ukraine has been submitted to its Parliament. Initiated by a group of deputies, the bill proposes to define cryptocurrencies including bitcoin as legal properties which can be exchanged for goods and services. Also read: Japan’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Bitflyer Launches […]

Cryptocurrencies: securities law implications – Lexology

Securities markets around the world are grappling with new concerns: As fintechs make cryptocurrency offerings such as Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Initial Token Offerings (ITOs) or other digital token offerings, there are various securities regulatory issues that have been grabbing much attention. Response across the globe has been varied – the United States and Singapore […]

Mexican Law Would Give Central Bank Oversight of Cryptocurrency Startups

Mexico’s government is close to introducing legislation that would regulate fintech firms, including those that work with cryptocurrencies. The latest draft of the bill, according to reports from regional newspaper El Economista and Reuters, would clarify that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not legal tender in Mexico. Further, the legislation would give the Bank of Mexico, […]

Bank of Namibia Rejects Bitcoin Exchanges on Basis of 50-Year-Old Law

Namibia’s central bank, Bank of Namibia, has claimed that virtual currency exchanges have no place in the African country, under its decades-old law. The central bank also announced that merchants in the country may not accept cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, as payment for goods and services. In its latest position paper as of mid-September 2017, the […]

Namibian Central Bank: Bitcoin Purchases Illegal Under Law

Cryptocurrency exchanges are not allowed in Namibia under a decades-old law, and merchants in the African country may not accept them as payment for goods and services, the nation’s central bank has said. In a new nine-page position paper, the Bank of Namibia said bitcoin and its progeny pose only a “minimal” threat to the […]

Russia’s Finance Ministry Drafts Law to Legalize Cryptocurrencies

Regulation Russia’s finance ministry is working on a draft bill to legalize cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, which is expected by the end of the year. Both the finance ministry and the central bank “are developing proposals on their legalization in the Russian Federation.” The Finance Minister proposes treating cryptocurrencies like federal loan bonds, available to individuals. […]

Russia Could Adopt Cryptocurrency Law By The End of Fall

Russia Could Adopt Cryptocurrency Law By The End of Fall Uncategorized | September 4, 2017 br> By: David Pimentel Russian parliament member Anatoly Aksakov recently revealed that proper cryptocurrency regulation may be introduced in the next few months. Aksakov, who leads the State Duma’s financial markets committee, informed the Russian media that a dedicated working […]

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