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Ethereum Loses to CryptoKitties, Network Remains Slow

CryptoKitties taking up to 20% of transaction volume. Ethereum was once seen as the replacement of Bitcoin- but at these rates of network congestion, users are becoming skeptical. CryptoKitties is burning up to 20% of the ETH gas in two smart contracts, and while in the past ICOs have slowed down transactions, for the first […]

3 Must Read Stories: Trump the South China Sea Peacemaker, Bitcoin Slumps, Cathay Pacific Loses Blue Chip Status

U.S. President Donald Trump will meet with his firebrand Philippines counterpart Rodrigo Duterte on Monday at a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders with the South China Sea dispute high on the agenda. The two leaders, who share a bombastic and brash rhetoric, will meet in Vietnam at a trade summit hosted by the Association of Southeast Asian […]

Ethereum Price Loses 10% in BTC Value as Bitcoin Reigns Supreme – The Merkle

An increasing Bitcoin price is often pretty bad news for altcoins. Even the top alternative currencies are struggling right now while Bitcoin keeps marching on. The Ethereum price, which was above $300 not too long ago, is now starting to slip pretty badly. With losses in both USD and BTC value, things aren’t looking all […]

Ethereum Price Down 8%, Ripple Falls by 12%, Bitcoin Loses 6%: Cryptocurrencies Suffer Correction

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Earlier today, on October 18, the cryptocurrency market endured a major correction, as the price of Ethereum fell by 10 percent and Bitcoin declined by over 5 percent. Within the past 24 hours, the price of Ether, the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, […]

Ethereum Loses Ground Amid State Crackdowns, Remains Technically Strong – Blockchain Agenda with Inside Bitcoins – News, Price, Events

By Trevor Smith Sep 17, 2017 6:00 AM EDT This story was shared from this site In what continues to be a volatile and unpredictable Summer for cryptocurrencies, Ethereum has suffered a series of setbacks over the past several days. The price of Ether has dropped forty percent since the beginning of the month amid […]

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