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Kraken Exchange Issues Ruin Another Weekend for Cryptocurrency Traders – The Merkle

If there is one thing to take away from this weekend, it is how some centralized cryptocurrency exchanges are absolutely abysmal. Over the past few days, it’s become pretty obvious Kraken has a lot of problems it still hasn’t sorted out. Problems like these have been documented for many years now, and many complaints can be found […]

Ethereum Price Reaches $335 Again as Market Rebounds Strongly – The Merkle

It has been a relatively boring day for all cryptocurrencies so far. Although most coins are in the green again, there are no real changes worth paying much attention to. One thing people will appreciate is how the Ethereum price is slowly returning to the $350 level at this rate. Thanks to a solid 5.6% […]

Auctus releases Pension Platform Demo on Ethereum Testnet – The Merkle

Auctus, who is aiming to revolutionize the retirement industry, by putting pension savers back in control, just released its first milestone – The Auctus Demo. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article The mission behind Auctus is to create an Ethereum Smart Contract driven retirement savings platform, that increases transparency, automates processes and is ultimately empowering […]

Pryze Announces First Ever Sweepstakes Protocol Built on the Ethereum Blockchain – The Merkle

Pryze, the automated sweepstakes protocol built on the Ethereum blockchain, plans to unveil its highly anticipated platform for companies to hold faster, cheaper, and more secure sweepstakes competitions. Pryze’s automated system will enable users to execute all the various processes involved in launching and managing sweepstakes using a single platform. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored […]

Ethereum Classic Price is on Track to Surpass $20 Again Soon – The Merkle

Contrary to most people’s expectations, the Ethereum Classic price rally is far from over it seems. Thanks to a very strong trading volume despite virtually everyone focusing on Bitcoin Cash, the Ethereum Classic price has increased to nearly $20 over the past few days. This is remarkable growth for this specific altcoin, to say the […]

Third Ethereum Classic Price Pump Pushes ETC Value to $17.35 – The Merkle

It is evident there are multiple altcoins which are clearly getting pumped right now. There is no real reason for a currency such as Ethereum Classic to go up in value by 15% over the past 24 hours. For some reason, that is exactly what happened, pushing the Ethereum Classic price back to $17.38. An […]

HCash- A New Act on the Cryptocurrency Stage – The Merkle

No one had imagined the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies when Bitcoin came to the scene in 2009. The cryptocurrency scene has grown and so has the technology behind these digital currencies. Blockchain based technology is being adopted by banks, financial institutions, companies and even small businesses. Different cryptocurrencies have emerged which offer various benefits. […]

Cryptocurrency Malware Education: CryptoShuffler – The Merkle

Cryptocurrency users all over the world are prone targets for cybercriminals. While that is a scary thought, it is also the harsh reality we have to deal with. We have seen various types of malware, Trojans, and wallet stealers surface over the past few years. CryptoShuffler is a Trojan horse which may prove to be even […]

Ethereum Classic Price Pump Continues as ETC Surpasses $15 – The Merkle

It appears we are starting off this week with more of the same trends we saw appear yesterday. More specifically, the Ethereum Classic price pump is far from over, even though the currency itself may not necessarily warrant this price label whatsoever. Over the past 24 hours, EC appreciated by another 26.21% in value, pushing […]

Ethereum Classic Price Gets a 10% Pump From South Korean Speculators – The Merkle

Even though almost all altcoins are losing value at the moment, there is one currency which has successfully bucked the trend. It is not Bitcoin Cash for once, as that party is seemingly over for the time being. Instead, we are seeing the Ethereum Classic price going up by leaps and bounds. It’s an interesting […]

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