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Cuba Ventures Corp. Blockchain Revolupay identifies CCU Coin Cryptocurrency Data mining center in the Bahamas for possible synergy. CEO Steve Marshall meets with CEO of Stonegate B…

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Nov. 17, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Cuba Ventures Corp. (TSX-V:CUV) (Frankfurt:IJA2) (OTCBB:MPSFF) (the “Company”) announces it has identified a Cryptocurrency Data mining center for its primary data mining effort located in the Bahamas. The privately held datacenter with the USA derived IT fiber backbone is ideal for the company’s Blockchain and Cryptocurrency […]

This software lets you bail people out of jail by mining cryptocurrency

If you were to briefly dip your toes into the New York prison system, you’d find thousands of people sitting in jail cells without being convicted of a crime. These people aren’t able to find the money to pay for bail in arraignment, simply because they can’t afford it. These people, theoretically innocent until proven […]

Blochchainify freedom by mining cryptocurrency for bail money

The New Inquiry, a non-profit, recently unveiled its blockchain mining system designed to give freedom to people awaiting trial who can’t afford to post bail. Slacktivists unite: anyone can donate their unused processing power to the cause. Bail Bloc is software that lets you utilize unused processing power to mine for cryptocurrency, specifically Monero, which […]

Bitcoin Gold Developer Under Scrutiny For Allegedly Hiding Mining Code

Mining The bitcoin gold development team is under fire once again as the currency’s mining community has discovered a hard-coded hidden fee protocol found within one of the bitcoin gold developer’s mining pool code. Miners say that BTG core developer, Martin Kuvandzhiev (StarbugBG), added a hidden 0.5 percent fee into the btgmine.org […]

Bitcoin Mining in China is Not Banned Yet, Contrary to Reports

Get Trading Recommendations and Read Analysis on Hacked.com for just $39 per month. Throughout this week, false reports regarding the legality of bitcoin and cryptocurrency mining have emerged. Local sources have revealed that bitcoin mining is not banned as of yet. Unconfirmed Reports and Rumors Initially, Sichuan Electric Power Company, released an unconfirmed circular which […]

Singaporeans Turn to Bitcoin Mining, Phenomenal Increase in Mining Rig Sales

Many Singaporeans have recently caught up with the Bitcoin craze, they turn to Bitcoin mining for ‘passive income,’ causing a sharp increase in demand for mining rig and graphics cards in the country. Sharp increase in mining rigs demand Channel News Asia reports how one Singapore-based mining rig manufacturer has experienced a sharp increase in […]

Russian Developer Snuck Cryptocurrency Mining into …

Apps found in Google Play turned mobile devices into cryptocurrency miners unbeknownst to their users, according to researchers from security firm Ixia. A Russian developer installed cryptocurrency mining code in his popular crossword game app Puzzle as well as his in-game awards and bonuses app Reward Digger, without notifying users they would be mining cryptocurrency coins on […]

Morgan Stanley Predicts 2018 Plunge in GPU Mining Sales

An analyst for Morgan Stanley is predicting that the sale of graphics cards (GPUs) for cryptocurrency mining will fall next year, signifying a potential hurdle for sellers like AMD. Joseph Moore, according to coverage from Barron’s and Benzinga, suggested in a new report published this week that a mixture of network upgrades – including a […]

State-Owned Power Provider Denies Chinese Bitcoin Mining Ban Rumors

A state-owned electric utility in China is rebuffing rumors that bitcoin mining has been deemed illegal by the government. Rumors spread in the past day – based on a circulated document – indicating that the country’s State Grid was moving to ban bitcoin mining at a county level in Sichuan province, an ostensibly notable development […]

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